Google Buzz Tip #1

If you receive too many frequent Buzz Updates in your Inbox at an annoying rate, but you like having it nonetheless to keep track of your conversations, I have a quick and easy solution:

1. Create a filter in Gmail with the subject keyword ‘Buzz:’ (use the colon or else you may capture any and all emails that simply say Buzz in the subject).

Google Buzz Gmail Filter: Create Subject Filter keyword 'Buzz:'

2. Label it ‘!Buzz’ (exclamation to make it appear at the top for easy access). Here’s the key: To get them to not appear in your inbox constantly, simply check the option that says ‘Skip the Inbox’!

Google Buzz Gmail Filter: Label the Filter '!Buzz' and Check 'Skip the Inbox'

This captures all your buzz updates in one nice place (accessible in your left sidebar filter list links) so you can still keep track of all your conversations with other google buzzers which is after all, the highlight and power behind google buzz!

Silly, yet very effective. 😀