Apple is Wrong

HTML5 better than Flash? Quite the opposite.

If you watch towads the end of the video on the Android HTML5 animation framerate is like 3 – 12 Frames Per Second. Kinda Pathetic (although they are working on it). While Flash 10.1 is 28 – 30 FPS and looks pretty normal. I benchmarked HTML5/JS VS. FLASH/AS animations myself using an animated cloth simulations and came up with very similar results about 2 months ago.. HTML5 and Javascript is worse than Flash and Actionscript in chewing up CPU AND MEMORY!! It’s what I suspected. HTML5/JS beats flash only when the animated particles / spites or physics crunching is VERY LITE.. when it is intense (lots of stuff going on at once) Flash is FAR SUPERIOR!!! It’s a fact.