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  • _mark 4:17 am on October 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Adobe Flash on Samsung Tab with Google Android 

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    Apple is Wrong 

    HTML5 better than Flash? Quite the opposite.

    If you watch towads the end of the video on the Android HTML5 animation framerate is like 3 – 12 Frames Per Second. Kinda Pathetic (although they are working on it). While Flash 10.1 is 28 – 30 FPS and looks pretty normal. I benchmarked HTML5/JS VS. FLASH/AS animations myself using an animated cloth simulations and came up with very similar results about 2 months ago.. HTML5 and Javascript is worse than Flash and Actionscript in chewing up CPU AND MEMORY!! It’s what I suspected. HTML5/JS beats flash only when the animated particles / spites or physics crunching is VERY LITE.. when it is intense (lots of stuff going on at once) Flash is FAR SUPERIOR!!! It’s a fact.

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    Linux Ubuntu & Adobe Flash Works for Me! 

    Linux Ubuntu Running 2 Complex Flash RIA’s, 2 Adobe HD Videos, PLUS this picture!!! (Flash Player 10.0)
    On an 8 year old 2.2GHZ P4! Please Take Note of the CPU Data. Verdict: Flash works great on Linux!
    Websites in the Screenshot : theturn.tv | g.ho.st | hulu | facebook | sumopaint | donkey

    • Ad 10:23 am on February 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Haha try that test again, on a 1Ghz netbook (even with non-HD). Watch the video stutter and freeze, and your CPU fans drown out the audio.

      Repeat test using the YouTube HTML5 opt-in, and the web becomes usable again, and CPU drops to 50%. Just because your PC is 8 years old does not mean it is the lowest spec PC being used to access the web. With the proliferation of small devices, the incredible inefficiency of Flash which has been masked by high-spec PCs becomes apparent.

      Competition is good. Why are Adobe releasing Flash 10.1? Because they have become painfully aware that their product cannot survive on burgeoning netbook/slate/smartphone market which has ‘just enough’ processing power. Either Adobe will improve performance of Flash, or HTML5 will win out. Either way we all benefit – denying there is a problem helps no-one.

      • _mark 11:09 pm on February 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        The point of the test was to try to get Flash to crash. It did not! I tried more CPU load previous to this screenshot like nearing 100% for quite a long time and Flash never crashed. The test wasn’t to get it all to run smoothly.

        Flash Player 10.1 (currently beta 2) has made improvements on CPU Load and utilizes the GPU Pipeline in Windows and will probably be made available in Linux as well (Apple is currently uncertain). You can download the beta at Adobe Labs.

        you’re right, competition is good!

    • filipka 11:07 am on February 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Software crashes because of bugs, not because of CPU load.

      Verdict should be:
      Flash works great on Linux!
      But fully loads CPU, eats all ram + half of swap, and not smoothly.

      • _mark 11:32 am on February 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        This wasn’t to show how crappy the computer performs, on a new CPU it obviously would not have performed like this. I’m running RIA’s designed for the latest multi-core processors.

        I’ve just been on a mission lately to see if I could get Flash Player to crash like so many have claimed lately using Mac and Linux going to mainstream sites like hulu, facebook etc. Pretty much the people who claim it happens say it happens all the time, while the rest don’t experience this and say they never have problems. Do you have any insight / theories as to why this is such a split demographic?

  • _mark 9:40 pm on February 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Mac OSX & Adobe Flash Works for Me! 

    Mac OSX Running 7 Complex Flash RIA’s, 2 Adobe HD Videos, & Google Street. My conclusion, It works great!
    Websites in the Screenshot : sumopaint | aviary | prezi | splashup | soundation | hulu | hboimagine | googlestreet

    So come on Apple users, Even though Apple won’t let Adobe use the GPU pipeline Flash still performs decent without skipping on all these sites with the new Macs. Update your boxes to the latest Flash Player or get a new Machine!

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